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Stahili Foundation: Find Volunteer Work That Works for You
Charity Needs Foundation (CNF), was inspired to write
this article because of this video, which we came across as we were
listing the Stahili Foundation in our Campaigns Gallery .
Stahili protects vulnerable children and empowers rural communities
to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

With some 400, 000 charitable organisations (registered and unregistered) in the UK alone, let alone what that number could be worldwide, the giving that is asked of all of us could lead to our own demise if we were to submit to the pressure of that ask… “have you got...”, “can you give...”, “just x per week...” and so on.

Article written by Jonathan Fleming.

Everyone experiences it, even trustees at organisation that themselves are constantly asking for support experience it. This ask can be encountered practically every time you hit the streets and we at Charity Needs Foundation (CNF) do it too, in order help organisation get what they need, we even do it at the bottom of this page, so what do you do about it?

Nothing, yes, that’s right, do nothing, give nothing, at least for that moment.
Go about your business, but don’t completely blank the situation in question, think about it for awhile, days preferably, weeks if needs be, months if you’re really torn. Draw it into your psyche, ponder it some more and feel if it gets pulling at you, at your heartstrings, because charity is about heart as its symbol suggests. See if you get passionate about it.

Should you reach that stage, you may not know it, but you’re nearly set to delve into the real world of charity where you will find yourself standing up for something you believe in, and by doing that, it is how the world is changed, how situations are mastered, how differences are made.

The more people that get involved with campaigns because they have a genuine and passionate will to see a situation change, a task complete or come to fruition, the better the success of that campaign and its outcome. So do your research, it does take time to get a grasp of everything.

Throwing money at a situation doesn’t express anything, people do. And when people don’t express a passion for the situation, neither does their effort of giving which can reflect in the supported mission’s outcome or direction.

It may take you ten minutes, ten years, ten months or ten days to decide you want to do something for a charitable cause, but until YOU decide, you don't have to do anything. DO NOT BE PRESSURED and DO NOT BOW TO ANY KIND OF PRESSURE.

Take your time to decide when the time is right for you. A huge part of giving is all about making yourself feel good too. Do not underestimate this need, it’s human, and do not feel bad about it either. Everyone does a good deed to make themselves feel good by making someone else feel good. By looking out for yourself first you will later on, perhaps, have build up the strength and fortitude to support a multitude of campaigns or a dedication to support a particular one. One is all it takes to make that difference.

At CNF all we do is try to make you, the public, aware of the many campaigns and organisations that are out there seeking support of one kind or another. We promote, market and profile bona-fide organisations and campaigns worldwide.

Regardless, what we will say to you is, we don't want your money unless you have a full and happy heart for giving it, but we do want your attention, your interest and a bit of your time in the meantime, so that we can make you aware of what could be a valuable and rewarding personal gain when the time is right to pledge your support in a deep and meaningful way.

Through our social media channels, each week we will try to put out at least 1 post that will keep you steadily updated on what is out there in the voluntary sector, and we will only increase this if something of serious consequence happens that the world should know about immediately.

Through our social media channels, each week we will try to put out at least 1 post that will keep you steadily updated on what is out there in the voluntary sector, and we will only increase this if something of serious consequence happens that the world should know about immediately.

There are two reasons for this slow release of information:
1.) We are a small team growing into our roles
2.) We are a small team growing into our roles

Yes, we did repeat ourselves, but what we are really saying is that we want you to grow with us. It will be slow, it will be steady, but it will be consistent, and together we will make differences and cause change to happen as we have done already. You will help us, we will help you and together will prevail to do even more, so stay clued up because we’ll be creating some fun along the way that you can join in on.
It’s important to have fun when pursuing some of the campaigns out there, because there are those that can get heavy and weigh you down, but stay with them, it’ll be worth it.

We know in social media terms this weekly pace is of a dinosaur age, but you will come to appreciate the carefully verified input of information that gets delivered, rather than being frustrated by incessant posts of nonsense just to be part of the in-crowd. If, however, you do like what we send out through social media, please ‘Like’ it, comment on it or post it on for us through your own channels. And bear with us because we are still building our platform, as ever with charities, with limited resources.

For now, when you visit our campaigns gallery at, don’t be overwhelmed by the donate buttons you’ll see there, ignore them until you are ready, just make yourself familiar with what is out there, that you can perhaps one day get involved with.
If and when you have done your research and you are satisfied you can contribute in whatever manner that will be, and you glean that it will be of benefit to you, as well as what you’ll be supporting, then go ahead and show your support.
Remember this, CNF only supports bona-fide organisations and campaigns that are properly regulated by a recognised charity regulator, a federal tax office, an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) / NPO (Non Profit Organisation) body or an umbrella organisation that is itself regulated.

We try to take a bit of the sting and pain out of looking up these things, but we always advise to keep your ear to the ground, your eyes open and mind tuned-in. Nobody wants to be throwing good money or support after bad or fraudulent campaigns.

Just become aware of what is out there for you to lavish your goodwill on… when the time is right.

When all is said and done, whatever your pledge may end up being, take time to return to that mission and see what progress has been made. If none, ask why none, if so, ask how so and what now. Whatever the outcome ask for a report to be written for all to understand and see. After all, the collective efforts and energies that get joined together are more valuable than money alone.

Stahili Ambassador shares her message

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