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Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre Foundation’s Extended Reach Into Switzerland

The Charity Needs Foundation released an article in October 2020 for Easy Horse Care Centre Foundation who are based in Spain, it was called “From The Horse's Mouth” and spoke of unthinkable abuses to the tortured equines that the charity rescues.
It also covered the challenges of running a rescue center and the big problems of rehoming rehabilitated horses… Not anymore, we are thrilled to announce the opening of Easy Horse Care Rescue Switzerland where the grass is green, the space is plenty and rehoming is a wonderful option.

Article written by Hazel Arnold.

In our previous article we included a mention of one of the volunteers Jasmin Infeld. Her time at the Centre was nearing the end when we were there but her experience volunteering with the Foundation in Spain inspired Jasmin to do something more to help and so has been looking towards her own country, Switzerland to see what it could offer.

Jasmin At EHC Jasmin in Spain when she was volunteering at Easy Horse Care Rescue.
Picture by: Hazel Arnold for
Laurence in Switzerland Laurence standing proud in his new home in Switzerland.
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After talks with Sue and Rod Weeding, the founders of Easy Horses Rescue Centre Foundation, they are setting up a Swiss branch with the aim to start rehoming horses from their centre in Spain to adoptive homes in Switzerland. Eventually as the Swiss branch grows they will look for their own premises.

There are many positives behind the idea. The animal welfare laws are much stricter with much greater enforcement in Switzerland and the country offers grazing and many horse owners who may require a companion horse. This would be great news for some of the older horses with minor ailments who can be moved to a forever home from Easy Horse Care Rescue Spain.
As Sue explained to us in the original article rehoming horses in Spain has not been very successful, however, in Switzerland Jasmin will visit the new homes to make sure everything's in order and the right horse is with the right person.

With all the ideas in place after returning to her own country with the help of Sue, Rod and her mother, Christine Infed, Jasmin has applied to have Easy Horse Care Switzerland made into an official charity. Speaking to Jasmin, via zoom, she explained the process for setting up the charity was a minefield of paperwork, but now that is all done, she is looking forward to getting the wheels turning. She has completed the website and is contacting different Swiss companies to see if she can get help with funding. She went on to say that she felt this was a very positive move in light of the world being in turmoil with COVID-19.

While working as a volunteer in Spain at the Centre Jasmin fell in love with a horse called Laurence. She felt compelled to adopt him and bring him to her own country and recently he left Spain and arrived in Switzerland to the stables where Jasmin rides. The lady that transported Laurance said he was very good during his travels across Europe which cost around €1600.

Since Laurence's arrival he has been settling in and discovering the pleasure of grass which is limited in Spain. However his grazing has had to be limited for the moment while his digestive system adjusts to his new diet.

Laurence Before His Rescue Laurance in a poor condition when he arrived at Easy Horse Care Rescue Spain. Founders Sue and Rod brought him back to a healthy horse.
Picture by: Elaine Warnock
Laurence In New Stable Laurance having a rest in his new Swiss stable.
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This is an amazing result for Laurance since being rescued by Rod and Sue back in 2018 when he was found in a skeletal state as his owner couldn't afford to feed him.
He has spent much happier days with Sue and Rod at the Rescue Centre in Spain, where they have brought him back to the healthy horse he deserves to be. He now starts a wonderful new life with Jasmin who says although she ridden for years has never owned her own horse. A win win situation for everyone.

Jasmin explained while travel is hard at the moment due to Covid she is taking the time to work on the administration aspect of the charity. Sue and Jasmin are both very excited for the future possibilities, and this clearly shows through when communicating with them both.

Although it's in its very infancy at the moment, a joint combination of Jasmine's enthusiasm joined with Sue and Rod's experience it has all the makings of a successful venture. And there are plans for Sue to visit Switzerland to do some talks to help raise awareness.

Share this article to help Jasmin obtain the support for other horses to have the chance to be adopted and follow in Laurence's hoofsteps, which in turn will help Sue and Rod help many more horses in the future. Both websites are included below or you can follow the story on Easy Horse Care Rescue Facebook

Link to Easy Horse Care Rescue Switzerland

Link to Easy Horse Care Rescue Spain

Link to CNF Article, “From The Horse’s Mouth”:

Laurence Arriving In Switzerland

Laurence Playing

Settling In
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The bond at EHC Spain between Laurence and Jasmin developed into a full adoption by Jasmin and a new charitable arm of EHC in Switzerland.

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  • A Thank You to Easy Horse Care Rescue Switzerland:
    Charity Needs Foundation would like to thank Jasmin Infeld for taking time to present us with all the material and information we needed to produce this article.
    On the last article (From The Horse’s Mouth) we found working with Sue and Rod Weeding a real pleasure and so the same has been with Jasmin. Again, thank you all and the very best of luck with everything you strive to achieve with the new charity. We hope we’re able to add support for you.
    PS. Jasmin we’ll have that zoom recording up on the page in the next week or two, sorry we couldn’t get it up at the same time as the release, lockdown has hampered our efforts to edit it.


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