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Over 120 Years and Still Going

See The Iconic Sailing Barges Coming Home To Visit Their Old Stomping Ground
Saturday 16th September — Parade Day Bridge lift 12:00
Sunday 17th September — Popup Museum Day 10:00 17:00

Victorian London just wouldn't be the same without them.
They are the brain and brawn that kept the city alive, when they mucked in with the dirty work during the hustle and bustle of the Industrial Revolution... another age, a wealth of time, and now, a new era.

Thames Sailing Barges stemming the tide in the Upper Pool 2016 Thames Sailing Barges stemming the tide in the Upper Pool 2016
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At noon on 16 September 2017, the historic Thames Sailing Barge Parade (.com) and Popup Museum returns for a second year to London’s river Thames with Charity Needs (.com) Foundation helping to raise their profile and increase it from recent decline to greater public awareness through the education of Thames Sailing Barges.
Once again, the event is part of the Totally Thames (.org) festival held throughout the month of September.
All of these collaborations are a totally charitable endeavor.

See full live map of viewing and vantage points to get great pictures

The parade will start from West India Docks at the Blue Bridge, E14 9LZ at 10:30 and gather on Thames for 11:00 to get in their order of parade, lead by Sailing Barge Gladys. Bringing up the rear will be the famous engineless Sailing Barge, Edme, under tow by two Livett’s tug boats.
The parade order is expected to be: Gladys, Ardwina, Centaur, Victor, Reminder, Thalatta, Repertor, Melissa, Kitty, Niagra, Will, Edme.

The parade will then head up river through the Pool of London to be at Tower Bridge for their 12:00 lift, where all the barges will enter the Upper Pool of London for a spectacular public vision.

Track Dogs to perform on SB Melissa

The barges will be in the Upper Pool for 30-40 minutes stemming a strong ebb tide waiting for Tower Bridge to reopen, during that time the crews are expecting the popular festival band, Track Dogs, to be performing their unique blend of tribal and melodic beats on Sailing Barge Melissa, giving the public and media great photo opportunities before being turned by tugs (which is a must see spectacle in itself - viewing and vantage points are here and in the parade schedule).
Leaving Tower Bridge, the barges head for West India Docks to become a Popup Museum open to the public on 17 September 2017.

Upon becoming a Popup Museum at West India Docks the public will be able to step aboard the partaking barges, learn of the barges histories as well as meet, mingle, eat, wine and dine at the shoreside hospitality area with barge owners, crew members, historians and others for fascinating side events.

Locations and times can be found through the Thames Sailing Barge Foundation social media feeds; @TSBParade for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the website or the schedule page at and also Charity Needs Foundation who have been assisting in their media campaign.

Barges that will be at the Popup Museum are: Gladys, Edme, Ardwina, Victor, Reminder, Repertor, Ironsides, Melissa, Marjorie, Kitty, Niagra, Will, Centaur, Thalatta, Cambria

Come out and show your support for this free family event.
They need your cheer.

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