Dispensing With The Norm
Sanitizing In Style

It’s a burning question the world over... how long do you think it will last, this new normal that the world has to put up with?
When will we be able to dispense with the facemasks? Dispense with the sanitizers? Dispense with the distancing?
Our answer is not any time soon, at least for the next year or two, the world hasn’t got a dynamic grip on this COVID situation just yet in spite of the fact that several types of vaccines are now in circulation.

Article written by Jonathan Fleming.

Being out in public is a mind bending obstacle, walking down the street is like trying to navigate around mouse traps, going into a supermarket or any shop can be a potential health hazard. Anything you touch would have been touched by others and we all know COVID contamination is spread not only through the air but also by contact.

We’ve always known germs are everywhere and that they can be picked up by contact, but that was when we took everything for granted in the old normal way of thinking believing we had the ability to shake off whatever it was we picked up without knowing it. That is at least the general mindset of those living in western world countries, we think we have all the medical answers or pharmaceutical products to obliterate the meanest of bugs. COVID has put a kibosh on that and told us all we need to think about sanitation.

Who knows what your hands are now contaminated with when you come out of a shop from browsing the aisles and handling products for that close up inspection, what's more, where on your body have you touched and introduced the COVID virus or any harmful bacteria? Scientific research has shown that we touch our faces anything between 16 and 23 times per hour, that’s 4 - 6 times every 15 minutes and a general supermarket shop would cost you at least 30 minutes of your time. In that time you could have touched your face 8 - 12 times. Yuck! Not pleasant.

Bollinger Upcycled Bollinger Champagne bottle into a dispenser.
Picture by: KiNOVATIONS

At some point you have to dodge your way home and when you get to your doorstep you let out a huge sigh of relief considering that you've beaten the COVID bugs once again.
To get in your house, what’s the first thing that you do? You fumble for your key, you push it in the lock, open the door and unwittingly transfer what's hidden on your hands to the first object at your home. You enter remembering where you’ve been and think to wash your hands, but not before you’ve taken your shopping bags in a room (the kitchen perhaps) and settled them on the floor or a work top. You finish washing your hands for a good 20 seconds as governmentally recommended and you feel great about yourself that you have done your bit to keep your household safe. So now you can attend to that shopping… but wait, aren't they the same shopping items which may have been contaminated by other hands touching them before you? They sure are and so you have to consider decontaminating the shopping items, the bags, everything and then once again wash your hands. There must be a better way.

Well, we can’t say we have the answer for you, but we do know how you can style out the hand sanitising experience!

A company known as KiNOVATIONS has developed a fun and elegant way to dispense with those concerns by taking recycled champagne bottles including other style icon bottles and making dispensers from them. Charity Needs has had a hands-on experience with one of these dispensers which was being used as a sanitizer dispenser and we thought it was great, making for a brilliant gift. But these dispensers can be used for practically anything that can be dispensed, such as liquid soaps, hand lotions, surface cleaners, even drinks amongst many others.

The dispensers come with a stainless steel pump, the bottle encased in a stylish handmade cabinet designed from reclaimed wood. It can be free standing with silicone feet to protect furniture surfaces or wall-mounted anywhere around the home.
These dispensers are not just for the home, however, they are suitable and fitting for offices, hotels, bars, pubs, restaurants, shops and the like. It’s a great way to enhance such environments for those who love a bit of flair.

Inventor Keegan Duncan says the idea came about when businesses reopened after the first lockdown and they had to provide hand sanitiser stations. Plastic Sanitizer Bottle A common plastic dispenser bottle like this is how most sanitizers are purchased. Not any more.
Picture by: KiNOVATIONS
It was then he realised that some environments were seeking something a little more pleasing on the eye and stylish rather than unsightly plastic dispensers.
An encounter with a KiNOVATIONS dispenser will give you an immediate visual uplifting experience and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Keegan approached Charity Needs and said that he would like to donate to our organisation a percentage of each dispenser sold so that we can continue to champion awareness for voluntary sector organisations worldwide. That said, we decided that raising awareness of this innovation could prove beneficial for our mission and objectives, one of which is to encourage for-profit businesses to get more engaged with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), so please consider a purchase which will help us to continue to do what we do best for the voluntary sector and the awareness we raise.

You can find a selection of KiNOVATIONS’ dispensers at their Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KiNOVATIONS

Duval LeROY Duval LeROY
Laurent Perrier Laurent Perrier
Moet & Chandon Moet & Chandon
Rumbullion! Rumbullion!
Bollinger (White Label) Bollinger (White Label)
Hendrick’s Gin Hendrick’s Gin
Transparent Transparent
Cabinet Back Cabinet Back
Dispenser Top Dispenser Top
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If you are a pub landlord, a bar owner or the like and have a supply of champagne bottles hanging around that you are about to throw out, then contact Keegan through KiNOVATIONS and let him know how he can collect to upcycle their usage in this unique way.
Furthermore, helping him will support his charitable contributions.
Use your sanitizer any time you enter your home and keep in mind what your hands are doing and touching when out in public spaces.
Stay safe, keep your distance and wear your facemasks at appropriate times.

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  • A special thank you to Keegan Duncan from CNF:
    CNF would like to thank Keegan Duncan for helping to support Charity Needs Foundation through the sales of his innovative idea; upcycled champagne bottles converted into dispensers. We wish KiNOVATIONS the very best with their enterprise and welcome the support being offered through their sales.


  • KiNOVATIONS Disclaimer:
    Each upcycled bottle has its own registered trademark and is not affiliated with the production or distribution of any of the handmade dispenser products.
  • About KiNOVATIONS:
    KiNOVATIONS is a shop created by Keegan Duncan to be the window for creative and innovative products.
  • KiNOVATIONS Charitable Giving:
    KiNOVATIONS is not a charity, it is for profit business run by Keegan Duncan, however, Keegan has expressed a commitment to his Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has contractually agreed to support Charity Needs Foundation with a donation from each dispenser that is sold, so we wish KiNOVATIONS well in their endeavour and look forward to receiving the welcomed support.
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    Call: +44 (0)783 4061812
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    Mail To: kinovations@btinternet.com
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