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WVS Goa Dogs Rescue Fund

Charity Needs Foundation is helping Tash, a UK volunteer who recently returned from Goa, India, where she learned all about the charity, Worldwide Veterinary Service and the problem they now have because of Coronavirus, which is feeding all the street dogs they save.
Tash managed to get one of the last planes out of the country just as the authorities were closing their borders because of the outbreak, but before that, Tash found herself involved with WVS through a chance meeting and moving encounter with a dog she named Bubbles.
What follows is her short plea to the rest of the world to do what you can to help the stray and abandoned dogs there live a full and healthy life, if not, a loved one.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tash and I’m putting out an appeal to all dog lovers, especially Goa dog lovers. 

I’ve recently been in Goa with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) animal rescue where there is a much bigger than normal situation going on because of coronavirus hitting India.

Bubbles, the dog that adopted Tash Tash's new found friend Bubbles who sadly died three weeks after she found love and the professional treatment needed for her tick condition. This appeal comes out of my experience with my recent companion, a most beautiful, gentle dog named Bubbles. She was a starving stray about 6 months old with only three legs and in a terrible condition. She was on Vagator Beach cowering under a sunbed and she looked like a toast rack she was so thin. But there was something in her eyes that seemed to look deep into my soul and connect with me. She wouldn’t let anyone near her though and the next day when I went looking for her, she had gone. 

Like everyone in Goa I knew about the WVS dog rescue so I went in search of her there. Someone had managed to capture her and she was already being treated for malnutrition and tick fever. From then on I was there everyday but sadly she died three weeks later just before I returned to the UK. She found love at the end of her short life and if you donate to the WVS to help her fellow dogs it will not have been in vain.  Bubbles, the three legged dog Bubbles looking a little distressed and perhaps in shock over the extent of her condition.

People are now on lock-down in India which means the street dogs will have no food. They are usually fed by the public, by locals and tourists, ordinary people like you and me. Even before coronavirus, the animals in Goa live with many horrendous inflections like mange, maggot wounds, tick fever and injuries inflicted by car accidents. The WVS are urging both the public and its own volunteers for help to keep them healthy after they’ve been rescued. 

The volunteers at WVS Goa pick up dogs off the streets and its vets treat them and look after them until they are fit and well when they are returned to the place they were found. Everyone at WVS does a unique job, but it will be in vain if the dogs die of starvation unless they can raise funds to help feed the dogs. These are distressing times already, now being made a hundred times worse by what's started to happen - there will be no food out on the streets as people isolate and the tourists leave...

Please find it not only in your heart but also in your generosity by donating to WVS on this Charity Needs funding page. Please help the WVS to stop stories like Bubbles becoming an epidemic and give a reason for her short life

The dogs will feel the love. Bless your kind heart and thank you.

Here a video that Tash took to show you their fabulous work.

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At the end of the funding round when we go back to cover what the Worldwide Veterinary Service was able to do with the fund, we will produce that information at the bottom of this page.

We expect to be able to bring forward that information between July and September 2020. We'll keep you informed.
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Every donation received is deeply valued and will help WVS not only save dogs lives, but build a future of highly trained professional vets who will give their service to charity down the line.

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